New Air Mini / Mini+ Testing Opportunity



Molekule is thrilled to offer you the opportunity to test our latest Air Mini / Mini+ firmware & mobile app updates!

If you know someone with a Molekule Air Mini / Mini+ - forward them this opportunity!

What we’ll be testing:
This project will be set up to be a low-touch, ongoing test opportunity. We'll provide your access to our latest firmware & mobile app versions for Air Mini / Mini+, and you'll let us know if you run into any issues! Occasionally we might have a survey as a checkpoint. By participating, you’ll be able to give us first-hand feedback on your experience with the product and our latest firmware. Filter discounts will be available for those with the highest engagement & meaningful participation!

Expectations of participation:
If selected, you are expected to

  • Have your Air Mini / Mini+ connected to the Molekule App
  • Update the firmware on your Air Mini / Mini+
  • Test beta mobile app updates as specified
  • Submit any bugs/issues you come across with for either purifier firmware or mobile app 
  • Submit any suggestions you have regarding the product or features

**Filter discount incentives are available, based on testing engagement; providing meaningful feedback & participation.

Next steps:
We will let you know whether you are chosen as a tester after we review your application. 

  • Own an Air Mini / Mini+, and keep it connected to the Molekule app
  • Willing to update the firmware on the Air Mini / Mini+
  • Willing to download beta versions of the Molekule mobile app
  • Located in the United States or Canada
  • Filter discounts available based on engagement & participation